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Gettys P. and Alice D. Alderman Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in the Gettys P. and Alice D. Alderman Scholarship.

Eligible candidates must:
  • Be a Florida resident
  • Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0
  • 20 ACT or
  • 1050 SAT (ERW + M) or 970 SAT (CR + M)
  • Have been offered admission to Florida Southern College
  • Major in Accounting or Citrus
  • Submit a completed FAFSA and demonstrate financial need as determined by the College Financial Aid Office.

Applications have two possible deadline dates. The priority application date is December 15, and applications are due no later than January 15.

Finalists selected for interviews will be notified in February. Interviews with the Alderman Scholarship Selection Committee will be held in March.

Please answer the questions below. Required questions are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Tell Us About Yourself
Academic Credentials
Please indicate below your weighted GPA and your highest test score. It is not necessary to fill in all test scores fields, but rather please only populate your highest score of either the ACT, pre-March 2016 SAT or post-March 2016 SAT.
ACT Test Date
Pre-March 2016 Test Date
Post-March 2016 SAT Date
Scholars Weekend
Leadership & Community Service

Please explain why you believe yourself deserving of The Gettys P. and Alice D. Alderman Scholarship.  Describe the reasons for your interest in pursuing a career in accounting or citrus and include details concerning economic or other obstacles that you have overcome to achieve your academic and personal goals.

Student Aid Report
An official Student Aid Report from the FAFSA is required as part of your application. Most students will electronically submit the FAFSA to the FSC Financial Aid Office, and that will be an acceptable form of the Student Aid Report for your scholarship application. If you have your own copy of your Student Aid Report from the FAFSA and would like to also attach a copy, you are welcome to do so below.